Request Headers Applicable to All APIs

HttpStatus Codes

Http Status Codes Description
201 Request Successfully Processed. Entry created.
200 Request Successfully Processed.
System Errors
400 Request Processing Failed. Bad Request
401 Request Processing Failed. Unauthorized
403 Request Processing Failed. Access Denied, not an Oauth Request
404 Request Processing Failed. Not Found
415 Request Processing Failed. Unsupported Media Type
500 Request Processing Failed. Internal Server Error
510 CDS/ECOM Internals Server Error
678 Request Processing Failed. Sweepstake is Inactive.
User Errors
400 Request Processing Failed. Bad Request
450 Request Processing Failed. User Data Validation Error (Response body contains Error List).
460 User Data Validation ErrorĀ during Ecom Subscription Processing. (Response body contains Error List).
470 User Data Validation ErrorĀ during CDS Subscription Processing. (Response body contains Error List).

Failure responses are accompanied by Response Header "CNT_DETAILED_ERROR_MESSAGE" containing contextual information about the error

Possible Error Codes during user Errors (Error List is passed in Response body):

Message Code Message Text
error.alreadyExists.templateName Template name already exists, please choose another one
error.cds.13 Please enter country
error.cds.15 Please enter email address (50 characters or fewer)
error.cds.20 Please make sure that your First Name and/or Last Name add up between 3 to 26 characters long
error.cds.23 The credit card number is not valid
error.cds.26 Credit card expired
error.cds.28 Please enter address (1-27 characters)
error.cds.29 Please enter address 2 (1-27 characters)
error.cds.30 Please enter city (1-13 characters)
error.cds.31 Please enter state
error.cds.32 Please enter zip code
error.cds.33 Please verify city and zip code
error.cds.34 Please enter postal code
error.cds.56 Please verify state and country
error.cds.57 Address Line 2 is too long
error.cds.60 The credit card number is not valid
error.cds.66 Credit card transaction has been denied
error.cds.67 Unable to process credit card transaction
error.cds.81 Your browser session has expired
error.cdsOffer.required Please select a preference for the subscription offer
error.disabled.user User is disabled You have exceeded maximum number of allowed entries for this poll Please make your selections
error.invaid.tooLong.essay The essay you entered can't be this long
error.invalid.auth We're sorry but we can't find the email address and password combination you've submitted. Please note: email and password are case-sensitive.
error.invalid.birthday Please enter a valid year
error.invalid.birthday.age We're sorry, but pursuant to our User Agreement, we cannot accept this information from you at this time. Please enter a valid Canadian postal code
error.invalid.customUserData CustomUserData is invalid Please enter a valid Email Address Please enter a valid Email Address Please enter a valid Email Address Please enter a valid Email Address Email address is already taken invalid email invalid email Email address is not valid
error.invalid.externalUserId ExternalUserId is invalid
error.invalid.format.{fieldname} {0} is not properly formatted.
error.invalid.incomplete.quizPoll.{id}. Please complete the quizpoll entry
error.invalid.length.{fieldname} {0} exceeds maximum allowed length of {1} Sorry, you're not allowed to delete a winner or votable entry Uploaded file size is too large Sorry, you can not enter more than {0} tags Uploaded fileType {0} is not supported
error.invalid.mobileNumber Please enter a valid phone number
error.invalid.multichoice.question.{id}. Please make 1 selection for Question {0}
error.invalid.newsletter.mobileNumber Phone number is invalid Email is invalid Phone number is invalid Email is invalid
error.invalid.newsletterTooYoung.age You must be at least {0} to receive this newsletter
error.invalid.nonUSSubscribers.mobileNumber Only residents in the United States can subscribe to a mobile newsletter
error.invalid.notAllowed.zipCode You may not enter a zip code for the country you selected
error.invalid.password Password must be at least 6 characters
error.invalid.registrationSource RegistrationSource is invalid Site is invalid
error.invalid.siteCode Site is invalid
error.invalid.sms.mobileNumber There was a problem validating your mobile phone number
error.invalid.state State cannot be entered for this Country
error.invalid.sweepsTooOld.birthdate {0} is too old age for this sweepstake
error.invalid.sweepsTooYoung.birthdate {0} is too young age for this sweepstake
error.invalid.tag Sorry, you're not allowed to create tags longer than 50 characters Please enter a valid US zip code
error.invalid.username Username is invalid
error.invalid.zipCode Please enter a valid US zip code
error.required.address1 Street Address is required
error.required.address2 Address 2 is required
error.required.birthday Birthday is required
error.required.captchaResponse Please enter the security word again City is required Country is required
error.required.countryCode Country is required
error.required.customFieldMap.essay Essay is required
error.required.customFieldMap.puzzle Answer is required Email is required Please enter an email address Please enter a name
error.required.expiration Token Expiration is required
error.required.externalUserId ExternalUserId is required
error.required.externalUserSourceId ExtUserSourceId is required
error.required.firstName First Name is required
error.required.gender Gender is required
error.required.income Income Level is required
error.required.interests Interests is required
error.required.lastName Last Name is required Please select the file to upload{id}. Please select a preference for each mobile alert
error.required.mobileCarrier Mobile Carrier is required
error.required.mobileCarrierCode Mobile Carrier is required
error.required.mobileNumber Mobile Number is required
error.required.newsletter.mobileNumber Phone number is required when you sign up for a mobile newsletter
error.required.newsletter.{id}. No newsletter was found for {0}
error.required.optin.type Please select an opt-in preference for {0}
error.required.password Password is required
error.required.question.{id}. Selection for Question {0} is required Site is required
error.required.siteCode Site is required
error.required.state State is required
error.required.stateCode State is required
error.required.subscription.newsletter Please select a newsletter preference for {0}
error.required.subscription.newsletter.{Id}. Please select a subscription preference for {0}
error.required.subscription.optin Please select an opt-in preference for {0}
error.required.subscription.optin.newsletterSubscriptionEntries Opt in required Sorry, tag name can not be empty
error.required.templateId TemplateId is required
error.required.text.question.{id}. Response for Question {0} is required
error.required.username Username is required
error.required.uuid UUID is required
error.required.zipCode Zip Code is required
error.required.{fieldname} Please enter a value for {0}.
error.taken.username Username is already taken
errors.required.smsNewsletter.mobileNumber Phone number is required if you wish to subscribe to the wireless newsletter
message.param {0}
selectedPrizes Prize Selection
userEntry.address1 Street Address
userEntry.address2 Address 2
userEntry.birthday Birthday City Country
userEntry.customFieldMap.essay Essay
userEntry.customFieldMap.puzzle Answer Email Address
userEntry.firstName First Name
userEntry.gender Gender
userEntry.income Income Level
userEntry.interests Interests
userEntry.lastName Last Name
userEntry.mobileCarrier Mobile Carrier
userEntry.mobileNumber Mobile Number
userEntry.state State
userEntry.zipCode Zip Code

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